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 Forum Rules & In-Game Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules & In-Game Rules   Forum Rules & In-Game Rules I_icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2012 8:26 am

Forum Rules

1●When creating a thread:

Don't resurrect threads (Once a thread was closed, there is no need to bring it back)
Don't create account selling threads (You can not sell your account for anything)
Don't create flame / bashing / hateful threads
Don't post advertisement threads
Don't post pornography threads

2●When posting in a thread:

Don't bump or resurrect old threads
Don't post pornography
Don't spam threads
Don't advertise
Don't flame

In-Game Rules

No Hacking!

Simple as it is, no hacks allowed ( no bots, no tele hack, no vac... stuff like that ) Any kind of hack found will end in perm ban!

Do not ask staff(s) to boost your character or give you items/respect the staff:

Do not ask staff for items, coins, costumes, levels, stats, also don't bug them to do events. Its normal if you ask an gm if there will be any events going on soon, and not asking them for it. The players that will keep going on and won't stop asking for stuff will be jailed. You have been warned!


Advertising other servers, hacking sites, scamming sites, and keylogger sites is against the rules, and will result in a permanent ban.


There is no need to spam. This is the problem when people sell&buy stuff, do not spam. If an staff member will see you, you will be warned, if you keep going on, then you will sit in the jail for 1 week.

First time: Jailed 24 Hours without chanse of getting out BEFORE time is due.
Second time: All Character from the appointed IP will be DELETED
Third time: I'll let you find out. Shocked
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Forum Rules & In-Game Rules
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